A New Beginning

Graphical Communicator A New Beginning

Welcome to my new blog, and my new website.  After many years trying to keep Creative Stubble Monkey updated, plus additional content on my new blog from early 2015, Graphical Content, I found I was running out of time, making things difficult for myself, and actually having more ideas.  So I thought I would streamline things by merging the lot in to one blog/Facebook/Twitter entity, and that entity is… Graphical Communicator!

Graphical Communicator A New Beginning

Why Graphical Communicator?  Well, I will go in to this later in other blog posts, but generally that is who I am.  I have worked in graphic design all my life.  I have had a life long passion for cartoons and comics.  In fact anything that tells a story or spreads a message visually is at the core of who I am.

So, when I started the Creative Stubble Monkey blog the idea was to cover the comics, the cartoons, the story telling, the films, books and television I love but keep it separate from work.  Then when I started Graphical Content the concept was to cover the other parts of who I am, the love of graphic design, type, branding, marketing.  Mainly stuff I do at work, but keep it separate from the company and also separate from Creative Stubble Monkey.  You can see how things began to get muddled.

I will still be keeping a regular news blog for my company, Gabriel Design sharing the exciting progress we are making and showcasing our projects.  We will also keep the Gabriel Design Facebook and Twitter feeds regularly updated.

I am however mothballing the Stubble Monkey Facebook and Twitter feeds, along with the Graphical Content Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Instead, all the content when would go there will go on the new Graphical Communicator Facebook and Twitter accounts.

So, what can you expect from Graphical Communicator?  Well, in Rough Scamp I will be sharing the things which inspired me to become a graphical communicator as a kid.  While in First Visuals I will share my early days in the industry and how I learnt my trade.  In Design Work I will share my thoughts and views on what’s been going on at Gabriel Design, and showcasing work I have done in collaboration with others.  As before Creative Stubble Monkey will cover my comics, my cartoons, my art, and my story telling.  Well worth checking out.  Finally, Graphical Content will continue where the Graphical Content blog left off, sharing my views on graphic design, branding and what have you.  With hints and tip.  Plus it will be the new home for Typeface Tuesdays!

Fingers crossed there’s gonna be a lot of varied stuff here, so call back soon.  See you then!


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