A Sly V for MoVember through the Keyhole

As its been a while since my last update (since yesterday’s little tweak)) I thought it a good idea to do a combined piece on some stuff that has happened over the last few weeks.

First of all, Movember. Many thanks to all of you who supported me in this, especially my wonderful wife, Janice (aka Starr Amazing) who had to put up with a furry top lip for most of the month. I raised just under £90 and was thrilled to sell my artwork for charity. It was actually harder than I thought to simply not shave most of my face for a month. Either I’m shaved or I’m stubbly. That is all.

Also thrilling was winning a Twitter competition from independent comics publishers, Keyhole Comics. They are a small, friendly bunch based in the US who were giving away special, signed packages of the first edition of their comic, The Jacket. Little did I realise that they hadn’t expected anyone on the UK to enter, let alone win. They were fabulous and arranged for sending the whole package over to me including collectors cards and a personalised sketch. I shall be doing one of my ‘proper’ reviews for The Jacket here on Creative Stubble Monkey but I did thoroughly enjoy it and it was good to read something from the US small press scene for a change.

Who knows, one day I may take some steps into the small press scene itself…

Thinking of my own comic strips, not only did The Adventures of the Reverend Doctor & Starr Amazing hit 75 strips recently, but my ‘main’ strip Tales of the Sly Ditt Inn reached 150! We are part way through a long and exciting story arc which sees the Devil hit the pub in a quest to win the Holy Grail. This arc wraps up many of the plot points raised over the past three years. I’m really enjoying it.

Finally I was surprised, but not shocked, by this article from the Guardian with comics genius and guru Alan Moore. I had assumed, wrongly, that as the ending of the V for Vendetta film was different from the book he would somehow be ‘anti’ the use of the V masks for the recent spate of Occupy protests. I knew that he would support the protests themselves as they most definately tweak the noses of authority, but thought as the image from the film seemed at odds with that in the book the use of the mask would irk him somehow.  However it did get me thinking. The visual image of Guy Fawkes, although appealing for democratic rebellion isn’t actually the image of a democrat. Fawkes wanted to destroy the Houses of Parliament and the King to bring in a Catholic regime. Surely this is the act of a terrorist, not a democrat? V in V for Vendetta is a vengeance driven anarchist, Fawkes was a religiously driven terrorist and the protesters display socialist ideals. Really is one mask fits all 🙂

Still that’s enough drivel for now, shall be writing my review of The Jacket soon. See you then.

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