Cartoon Wednesday

Graeme the Gnome

I’m really enjoying getting a couple of new cartoons / scribbles out every week.  Kind of like a simple journal type thing of the silliness in my head.  Again, I have two for you.

First up is the Reg-Bot.  A foolish idea which grew out of a conversation about confidence and support.  It’s a foolish take on a mecha, the design involves our cat, a toy panda, a statue of Buddha, a garden rooster statue, ourselves and a betta fish.  See how it grows and stomps the neighbourhood!

The Reg Bot

The second drawing is of Graeme.  Graeme is not a gnome, no way, uhuh, he is just a very short human.  Honest.  I do like Graeme, he has been with me for a very long time.

Graeme the Gnome

More next week…

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