Cartoons & Comics

I am a big fan of comics and cartoons and since I was very young have spent time creating them for myself. Over the years I have put together some ideas that I thought were worth sharing and, thanks to the wonder of the internet, I have been able to do just that, with the whole world.

However, self-publishing webcomics is one thing, to see your work in print is something else. I was therefore very pleased when Rob Jackson added a comic strip of mine, The Grandfather Paradox or Predestination, in his comics anthology Gin Palace 2. You can buy it here.  Not only was it exciting to see my work in print, it was an added thrill to read reviews of something I had created, even if not all were positive!

This gave me the impetus to see if I could find other opportunities to see my work in print, and lo and behold Simon Moreton was there looking for submissions for his new anthology, The Sorry Entertainer. My strip, Herry Green’s Mind Time was accepted and duly published. Again something I am very proud of. You could buy it here if you like. The Sorry Entertainer has now been reviewed, twice, here and here. Yet more thrills (although not as many as 2000AD eh?)

Of course I am now on the look out for further publishing opportunities and look forward to seeing my work in print again.