Check, Check and Check Again

Check your design work carefully

I suspect you have seen this photo doing the rounds on the internet. It has become a bit of a minor meme and is making people in the English speaking world smile. As far as I can tell it is genuine too. Despite being a humorous mistake there is also a serious side to this. Who is to blame?

Check your design work carefully

The first time I saw this the caption was something like ‘is it too late to change the spacing’, which was pretty clever. Now a half decent design agency, graphic designer or printer should have noticed, or more importantly never let it happen in the first place. A professional should have spotted it at the design stage and fixed it. However the client, in this case the Wig and Pen really, really, really should have checked the proof more carefully and given the whole thing a little more thought. If they didn’t get a proof then they should have asked for one, even a simple, small scale, low resolution JPG. Then the whole thing would have been avoided before brave smiles were needed. If you are working with a design studio, a printers, or even your mate who did art GCSE make sure that you check everything. No conscientious designer will mind having errors and mistakes pointed out, because they are better fixed before they go too far.

Just to back my point up, this photo was also doing the rounds on the internet lately. An American organisation had some pencils printed with an anti-drugs message. Yet again, however, the idea wasn’t properly thought through and the client, the designer and the production company all missed a simple and important point.


I’m afraid that these two images have been doing the rounds and being repeated all over the internet.  Sadly I don’t know who the original copyright holders are.  If you can send proof of a claim to me I will credit them accordingly, thank you.

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