Corporate Identities for All!

No one knows a business better than the people who founded it, who run it, who manage it.  They are, more often than not, experts in their field and do what they do well.  However, just because they know the business inside and out does not mean that they know the best way to brand the company, the market the products, to advertise their wares or services.


Everyone needs a specialist at some point and I was fascinated to see Alex Polizzi take Hunter’s Brewery to meet a big London agency to discuss their branding.  This BBC 2 programme (Alex Polizzi – The Fixer) takes a look at struggling businesses and how they can start to reach their potential.  It is great to see that Alex agrees with me that branding is very important and should be treated seriously, and by professionals.

Have a watch of the programme here, the branding section is from around 35 minutes in.  Well worth a view.

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