D: Delightful Dr. Dee & DrunkDuck Delay Decision

We spent last night at the Palace Theatre in Manchester enjoying the new Damon Albarn ‘folk opera’ Dr. Dee. It was a fantastic and enjoyable spectacle, and well worth seeing. Neither of us had ever been to an opera before (Gilbert & Sullivan its not!) and we had a fantastic evening out. The music was powerful and the whole show was a visual treat. A special shout out should also be made to the Raven. I am planning on writing a full review of the show and getting on here in the next couple of days.

Also, there seems to be confirmation from DrunkDuck this morning that they hope to finish the migration to their new server by tomorrow afternoon. I haven’t been able to upload any of my three webcomics for over a week now so have decided to knock back my schedule for a week and upload last weeks over the coming week. It will take some plot planning for later in the year but saves rushing them out.

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