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Andy Murray Logo

Sport has become more and more of a business. Not just the obvious options, like football, but in every field; athletics, amateur motor sport and tennis. Despite not being a traditional team sport Tennis is very much a business and each player his or her own brand.

Sunday saw a taut and entertaining final to the Australian Open, between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. This was not only entertaining to me as a sports fan but also interesting as a graphic designer.   Murray has recently launched his new logo, which will support him as a brand, appear on his kit and be available on items for fans to buy. The idea behind the logo is clever, making a shape of his initials which also reflect the number 77. (77 is significant as Murray won Wimbledon 77 years after the previous men’s champion on the 7th July). The design has been created to work in a wide range or media and colours while looking simple yet eye catching. Sadly, I find that the harsh angles and block shapes don’t quite reflect the sporting nature or Murray as a brand and thus is not quite perfect. Very good but not great.

Andy Murray Logo

While considering Murray’s logo I investigated Djokovic’s. Interestingly while his opponents logo is angular and blocky Djokovic’s is curved reflecting action and motion. It also hides other imagery, for example Serbian and Greek letters, birds in flight and also his initials. I found this video from the creative team behind this logo design which illustrates the ideas, concepts, visual references and more. It is a short, great watch on how logo designs can be developed and I recommend it to you.

Novak Djokovic logo

Even without seeing the video it was my belief that Djokovic’s logo edged Murray’s, the idea was clearer and the design flows better. Unfortunately it seems that, as in creative design so in sport as Murray was edged out in the final.

I have commented on sporting logos before, some of which reflects my views on these two logos and can be viewed here.

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