Digital Not The Be All Or End All

Print Isn't Dead

The world of digital design and marketing is a wonderful and amazing place.  New options open up almost daily and it can be hard to keep up.  The new phones get smarter and smarter, apps get more useful, the cloud is full of goodies.  Many businesses and organisation now believe that once they have a website, social media and, possibly a blog, then everything else will slot in to place.

I’m not entirely sure that this is true.

Time and again I hear that print is dead, brochures are dead, leaflets are dead, stationery is dead, magazines are dead, posters are dead.  If any of that is true then imagination, variety and thought is also dead.  Print is not dead.

It is quicker, more efficient and more friendly to hand a new contact a nicely designed, quality business card than to mess around with bluetooth contact details.  A business receiving an unsolicited, but well designed, leaflet or brochure in the post are more likely to have a quick flick through than scroll down an unsolicited e-mail.  In fact quality printing, on quality stock, gives a tactile quality which digital simply can’t match.

It is pretty much true that we filter all media in our lives, looking blankly at TV adverts, posters, or pop-up marketing.  However in the digital world we actively use software to hide advertising from us.  With pop-ups and ads blocked there is no chance we may catch a glimpse of something that intrigues us.  A well designed and eye catching poster is not so easily switched off.

I have noticed a resurgence of print over the last couple of years.  Not to replace digital, but to work hand in hand with it.  At Gabriel Design we have produced leaflets to support web campaigns and brochures to support websites.  Businesses are looking at the bigger picture and are working towards a better mix of traditional and digital.

Print Isn't Dead

So, I was very pleased to see this when searching the net.  The gang behind the People of Print website have launched a new, high end magazine called Print Isn’t Dead which has articles on all that is best in the world of print at the moment.  Many of the ideas and concepts are far more unique than a simple brochure, poster or business card but it is great to know that in the digital age it is not just me who thinks that print is alive and well.  People of Print and Print Isn’t Dead can be found here, could well be worth checking out.


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