Back in the day (the day being the 1980s) I used to play Dungeons & Dragons (a lot of Dungeons & Dragons) which meant, back then I drew a lot of DnD stuff.  Every now and again when I think back some of those drawings pop in to my head.  For example…

DnD Adventuring Party
Dungeons & Dragons Adventuring Party

At one point I was playing in three different campaigns with three different parties.  In two I was a thief while in the third I was a bard.  Seeing as I was playing rogue types I found that in my mind there were three other adventurers with me, a fighter, a cleric and a magic user.  Note that this is not a dwarf but a short human wizard 😉

Windsurfing Orcs
Windsurfing Orcs and Other Sporty Humanoids

For quite a while a large group of us played a massive long campaign, with your’s truly as DM.  For part of that time our gaming group was known as Windsurfing Orcs & Other Sporty Humanoids.  This isn’t the logo I designed, but as close as I can remember in a sketch.


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