When I relaunched the Creative Stubble Monkey website back in July 2011 the plan was for me to keep it updated, showcase more content, write more reviews and get ‘my brand’ more ‘out there’. As the evidence of the last few months show, this has all tailed off a lot. Therefore I think its time for a reboot.

I have ideas for a redesign of the site, which I hope to roll out sooner rather than later, especially as the simple, blog format I built last time not longer does ‘it’ for me. However prior to that I aim to just get some more content out there, more frequently.

Initially I didn’t want to duplicate content but I think I may well upload all three of my weekly webcomics here as well as to their main location on Drunk Duck. I also aim to, simply, write more.

Neil Gaiman, among many other writers I suspect, has famously given the advice; ‘if you want to be a writer, write’. Its all very well having loads of ideas for stories in my head but no one will read them unless I put them down on paper (in pixel?) and I wont feel confident to do that unless I’m more used to writing, so write I will. Starting with this above.

Call back tomorrow for something new, my first Doctor Who review…

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