Fan Fiction, the new website section.

When I took down the original version of the Creative Stubble Monkey website I removed a couple of pieces of ‘Doctor Who Fan Fiction’ I had written. I’m not by habit a regular fan fiction writer but occasionally like the challenge to trying to write someone else’s characters. Its a challenge to try and write a story and portray the leads as they appear on screen or in a book. I’m not one for ‘slash fic’ or for any kind of wish fulfillment where the writer amends or changes perceived errors or issue in established ‘canon’.

However they are a good test of my abilities and I’m going to re-uploaded several on this website for your reading, er, pleasure. I have added a Fan Fiction landing page and so far have added my earliest two pieces of work. Both are based on Christopher Eccleston’s ninth Doctor and set early in the first series of nu-Who. The first one, ‘A Stitch In Time’ takes our heroes to mountainous middle Europe. The second, Rakshasa, set before the first episode, surprised me when the plot headed out in a completely different direction to my original plan. Poor Sahil.

I hope you like these stories, look out for a few more in the future. Please feel free to ping me a quick comment (on this post) with your views of these tales.

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