Fearsome heroes with facial furniture.

THIRD UPDATE: Auction now over, and many thanks to Claire who ‘won’ it. Thank you for bidding and I hope you like the finished thing.

SECOND UPDATE: The art auction got a mention on the Forbidden Planet Blog on Sunday. You can read it here: http://forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/2011/art-for-arts-sake-48/

UPDATE: Now available in ebay auction here, please bid!

Growing my own ‘Mo’ for Movember (http://mobro.co/stubblemonkey) has inspired me to create some new comic art. The wonderful Starr Amazing and I got to kicking ideas around, and generally giggling, at the idea that many heroes secret identities would be compromised if they joined the MoBrotherhood and grew a Mo while still patrolling the streets.  This of course lead to the topic of which hero would sport which ‘tache type? Hilarity ensued. (you had to be there).

Thus inspired I took pencil and pen to hand and created some art where four of comicdoms most famous are sporting a moustache while scowling at the viewer. I didn’t want to use any more than one hero from any one publisher, wanted iconic images and only needed four. The tip of the hat went to Judge ‘stoic’ Dredd, Captain ‘patriotic’ America, ‘grim’ Batman, and ‘unhinged’ Cerebus. I also took into account what kind of Mo these Bros would sport. Something surreal and Dali-esque for Dredd, a playboys pencil moustache for Bruce, ginger and bushy for Cerebus and, to confound convention, a ‘che’ for Cap. This is what I came up with…

The Heroes of Movember
Dredd, Cap, Bats and Cerberus sport facial furniture.

I hope that you like it. Its made me smile to make. Of course being a charity event I’m hoping that my art can raise a few more pounds for the excellent Movember men’s health and cancer support charity. Therefore I am planning on auctioning the original black and white, hand drawn artwork on ebay, framed, to try and get a few more quid in the kitty. The plan to date is to add it to ebay on Friday and keep it up for a week and I will let you know more here, on on my social networking sites, nearer the time.

This is how the framed up artwork looks. I hope you like it.

Movember Art Framed up for auction.
The original artwork framed up and ready to auction.

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