Hey you guys, you gotta wear ties on the weekend!

Its all about the weekends at the moment. We have been having full and exciting weekends and it looks like lasting at least another week! First of all there was the marvelous ‘Dr Dee An English Opera‘ and then ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2‘ on consecutive weekends.

Then this last weekend there was a tasty trip to Wasabi in The Printworks and a interesting visit to The Travelling Man before loads ‘n’ loads ‘n’ loads of sport.

We are all now looking forward to the MCM Expo in Manchester this weekend. Not exhibiting or selling anything you understand, just visiting and enjoying our first go at such an expo. We are going to be kind of cosplaying by playing ourselves as portrayed in my regular weekly webcomic The Adventures of the Reverend Doctor and Starr Amazing by wearing t-shirts which advertise my other two webcomics; The Lost Tribe of Pen G’Uin and Tales of the Sly Ditt Inn. Hoping to see a few of the Manchester Comix Collective posse there too.

Thinking of which, I’ll be at the Sandbar for the awarding winning Manchester Comix Collective Drink n Draw for some, er, drinking and drawing I guess. Phew!

The t-shirts that we will be sporting for the Expo will be available for you lovely people to buy sometime early the following week. Keep your eyes on the store for more information.

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