History Repeating

I’m afraid its time for another of those irregular, yet predictable posts on my blog where I apologise for not posting on my blog for ages.  I’m afraid its the same old story again as well… Work.  I am proud and happy to run my own graphic design business, Gabriel Design, however this can sometimes be a time consuming and draining passion.  Despite what this failure of a Government my try and have us believe the economy is still very wobbly and small businesses are battered from all angles.  That said however, we are still trading and still looking to grow.  In fact this week we are launching a new marketing campaign to get more customers.

With this in mind it can prove difficult to update Tales of the Sly Ditt Inn every week, keep other ideas in the air, run Gabriel Design and add new posts to this site, sorry.  Let’s see how this run pans out eh?

Sad thing is that there have been a lot of exciting things going on which I would have loved to share with you all; Kyle and Rob at the great project RhiZome have been putting out a lot of information regarding the progress of issue one and news on issue two.  The excellent Steve Gibson has seen one of his previous strips (with Neil Gaiman no less) republished in digital format by Sequential and has also been sharing news about the intriguing Puck anthology.  I have been pressing on with my own strip Tales of the Sly Ditt Inn.  And of course there was the excellent Doctor Who 50th Anniversary (including the fabulous Paul McGann minisode) and brilliant Catching Fire I could have reviewed too!

Sometimes I guess you just have to paddle hard enough to keep your head above water.

History Repeating


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