Have realised that I haven’t updated Creative Stubble Monkey this year, unforgivable I know! So I thought I’d pop up a quick post to let you know ‘I aten’nt dead’, just of borrowing. Actually no, not borrowing just doing lots of other stuff and not finding the time to update here, sorry.

Am hoping to find the time also to put together a submission for another anthology, get ahead with my three webcomics, get some prose writing done, catch up on my reading and grow my business. With a lot of other stuff going on as well its all a bit of a challenge.

This year I have read and enjoyed LOEG: Century 1969 and Sandcastle. Two very different but excellent graphic novels. I’ve also very much enjoyed Adam Cadwell’s Blood Blokes which I picked up yesterday. Also last weekend we took in Captain America, X-Men First Class and Cowboys v Aliens. The later two were very enjoyable movies, the first, not so much.

Right, today I’m hoping to scan, colour and upload the next four week’s worth of Lost Tribe of Pen G’Uin. So I’ll post this and head offline. Catch y’all later and thanks for stopping by.

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