Look Fantastic! Traditionally & Digitally

Look Fantastic! Traditionally & Digitally.

When I head out to networking events and attendees ask me what I do I tell them the truth. I make businesses look fantastic. Usually they guess then that I am a graphic designer and I get to explain my work vision and what I can, hopefully, provide for them.

My vision is simple. Multinational businesses go to great lengths to ensure their branding is consistent across all aspects of their media. The look and feel is reflected across their website, their vehicle livery, their signage, their stationery and their brochures. Why shouldn’t this thought be applied to smaller businesses?

Look Fantastic! Traditionally & Digitally.

It is terrible to be given a business card which has been amended by hand and with an apology that it is out of date, especially if it doesn’t look like it goes with the brochure or leaflet that is offered with it. If then the website looks different again this can make the best of small businesses look slightly unprofessional. What I try and achieve with Gabriel Design is a joined up and cross media look and feel for our clients wherever possible.

There is a strange barrier I have noticed though which interests and worries me. Many businesses seem to treat digital and traditional media differently. They ensure that their online branding works well together presenting a united front and then seem to source items like leaflets, brochures and stationery from any old source, somewhat spoiling the effect.

It is easy to treat traditional design as a poor cousin in this day and age, but I believe that this is a mistake. As the digital world gets more and more crowded any advantage, however small should be grabbed. It is therefore vital to look as professional offline as you do online.

This is why I now advocate. Look Fantastic! Traditionally & Digitally.

Watch this space for an unusual use of this new vision…

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