Lost Tribe of Pen G’Uin – The Beginning

Lost Tribe of Pen G'Uin

Lost Tribe of Pen G'Uin

This was my first ever Lost Tribe of Pen G’Uin cartoon, drawn a fair few years ago now.  It first appeared on my Creative Stubble Monkey website before being transferred over to a Drunk Duck webcomic account.  Sadly Drunk Duck was not stable so I eventually moved away (although my strips are still there when it is online).  Since launching Graphical Communicator I have decided that I would like to share the whole run of the Lost Tribe of Pen G’Uin with the world again.  Starting today I will be posting them here every Monday and Friday.  Welcome along for the ride.

I am still really proud of this first cartoon in the run.  I still think that it is a good joke and I love how it turned out.  Be great to hear your views.

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