Luther Arkwright meet Donnington Speen

The official Bryan Talbot fan page has recently had a fabulous offer on. If you sent an SAE they would send you a few each of two different post cards from Bryan Talbot. (a Red Virgin one and a Grandville! Force Majure one). I had heard that people were putting in small thank you notes, so I decided something similar might be in order. Thus I drew up a thank you card with a new version of the Donnington Speen character I’ve been developing.

Donnington Speen Gentleman Adventurer

I think that it looked pretty good, and I’m glad I took a photo before sending it.

In part the character of Donnington Speen is based on Talbot’s Luther Arkwright (as well as Tintin, Asterix, and more) so it seemed like a good choice.

The post cards arrived promptly too and look ace, don’t you think?

Bryan Talbot Post Cards

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