It is said that there are only seven stories, seven basic plots.  Therefore the skill of a storyteller is, in part, to be able add something new and take readers to somewhere different.  Memecasters is the debut, self published, comic from experienced webcomic creator Chris Manson and it aims to take the readers somewhere new.  On the face of it Chris presents a mystery tale in a cyberpunk-esque world.  The story is set mainly on campus at a university where the core subjects include memecasting.  In an interesting twist on the more traditional uses of magic in a narrative the concept of memecasting is a novel idea.  The casters of the title use the skills and knowledge picked up in their classes to affect people’s perceptions of the world around them.  These memes take the form of illusions, which seem all too real to their intended targets.  In another clever deviation from many other stories the world in which Memecasters is set has a form of authoritarian administration and yet Manson does not use them as main antagonists in his first outing.  This gives him somewhere to go in future issues as their brooding presence can be allowed to build over time as the readers become more acquainted with the generally likable main cast.

Chris Manson's Memecasters

As mentioned previously this is the first issue of a debut print comic and Manson has been the first to suggest there are areas where he would like to improve for future issues, however it is a mighty fine read and well worth a look.  You can buy an issue directly from Chris to enjoy it yourself and can also explore his twice weekly webcomic, Elf Blood, here.

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