I am absolutely chuffed to bits to have been asked for an interview to support my strip in the Rob & Kyle edited anthology RhiZome.  It is the first time I have ever been asked for an interview for any of my comics work and you can read it here.

RhiZome Anthology Interview

As part of the great publicity run for this exciting anthology Kyle has been interviewing all the team and you can read John’s interview here and Max’s here.

If you would like to buy RhiZome Anthology 1 you can buy it here.

The latest, exciting news is that they are already planning a RhiZome Anthology 2! See.

Update:  Forbidden Planet have reviewed the anthology here. Seeing as I deliberately set out to write a 2000AD 80’s style Future Shocks story and the reviewer actively dislikes that kind of story I suspect this is classed as as great review as I must have nailed it!

Another Update:  Found another write up on the RhiZome Anthology which quotes my interview.  Its on the Down The Tubes Comics website here.

Further Update: More previews of issue two here. Looking good 🙂

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