On Friday, while dropping my lovely wife off at work, we were being entertained by the Real XS breakfast radio show.  Sweens and Miss Rach were talking about the Tattoo Tea Party taking place in Manchester over the weekend.  They were also offering free tickets, all listeners had to do was to guess what tattoo Sweens’ had first; was it a) a chaffinch called Geraldine, b) a blue tit called Alfonse or c) an eagle called Vince.  This set me thinking and although the answer was c) we both thought that b) was a better answer for a better tattoo.  So when I got back to my office/studio/kitchen/dining room/library I quickly drafted this and posted on the Real XS Facebook wall.

I got two key pieces of feedback.  Sweens said ‘genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ and Miss Rach said ‘That is fabulous! Peter you are a legend. FACT! Rach x’

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