No Class From Clinton’s

Don’t know if you saw this story yesterday?  Clinton Cards have had on sale a Christmas Card which contained an alleged joke with “10 Reasons Why Santa Claus Must Come From A Council Estate?”  An absolutely shocking piece of work both ethically and creatively for which Clinton’s have been rightly lambasted.  So it occurred to me, what if the shoe was on the other foot, what if instead of those who live on council estates it was those with private estates instead and I came up with this…

Posh Boy Santa

If the card had been poking fun at racial stereotypes, women, the disabled or the LGBT community it would not have even made the shelves.  It was a classless, snidey card and it is quite right that Clinton’s have withdrawn it.

If you didn’t read the story you can find it here:

Of course we all know that really, Santa was a C4th helpful, lovely Turkish Bishop.

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