The other day (or week, or month) I was reminiscing about the comics I used to read as a child.  These were comics prior to the launch to 2000AD or my interest in US Marvel & DC comics.  I was never a Beano fan, but I did enjoy British weeklies.  So, after a reminisce I drew up these two sketches for two things I remember strongly from that period.

The Leopard from Lime Street

I used to love The Leopard from Lime Street.  I think it was in Buster and it was the only ‘serious’ strip there.  Looking back it was a little bit of a Spidey rip off, but it was British and spoke to me!

Cheeky's Week

Cheeky’s Week was the main strip in the comic of the same name, not that it was particularly long lived.  I loved the idea that each strip through the comic was somehow part of the week of the lead character, Cheeky.  Right up to him buying his own comic with him, telling how he bought his own comic… well you get the idea.

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