I don’t just draw daft stuff, things from yonks ago and cartoons you know?  Oh know I do sometimes do other sketches in my sketch book.  Today I have quite a lot to share with you, and they are all family pets.  So grab a coffee and enjoy.


This is our cat Ernest (all curled up in his beanbag).  Sadly he went missing a couple of months ago and we haven’t seen him since 🙁


This is my Mum and Dad’s dog Billy.  He looks knackered here so I guess just got back from a long walk.


We keep a couple of tanks of tropical fish, here are a few I drew last year.  A clown loach, a molly and a skirted tetra.


This is my Mother in Law’s dog Poppy.  I think she was having a wicked dream here…


This is a quick sketch of our other cat, Pudd.  She sleeps a lot, but when you get to ten I think that’s fair.

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