I have been lucky enough to have had two strips published in print anthologies and out in the market for sale.  I think I am right in saying that both issues of these publications are now out of date.  So with this in mind I have rescaled the artworks for these strips to work on the internet and present them for you here today.

The first is a half page strip for Simon Moreton’s The Sorry Entertainer called Herry Green’s Mind Time.  While the second, from Rob Jackson’s Gin Palace 2 is a four page strip entitled The Grandfather Paradox.  Although there were one or two less than supportive views the general feeling is that they were both pretty good and I was pleased to see some positive reviews for my printed work.

Sorry Entertainer Herry Green's Mind Time

Grandfather Paradox Page 1
Grandfather Paradox Page 2
Grandfather Paradox Page 3
Grandfather Paradox Page 4

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