Rag Tag Fleet

Rag Tag Fleet, genre fiction diversity

I have seen things you people won’t believe. A black Starfleet deck officer merely a year after blacks in the US got the vote. She was accompanied by a Russian just five years after the Bay of Pigs incident and a Japanese man just 20 years after the second world war.

I have seen races set aside centuries of animosity and distrust to work together for the common good and destroy an enemy set on destroying them all.

There have seen old men facing down UNIT in the name of peace and still remain on good terms with them, or the same old man refusing to destroy their greatest enemy, making the universe a better place, when they had the opportunity. Rather than commit genocide.

The rebellion against the Empire was fought by all genders, all races, and all species. The lead taken by women, holding everyone together.

I have seen group of super powered men lead by women, successfully defending the innocent and the planet. One such group, made up from members from across the globe was lead by a powerful, strong woman from North Africa.
There are times I have supported aliens in their battles against the humans of Termite and the mutants of Search Destroy against the ‘norms’.

I have seen a Muslim join the Merry Men and fight along side Robin Hood.
All these things and more I saw an age ago, decades ago, a lifetime ago in less enlightened and less perfect times.

And yet today I see things I don’t believe. Those who oppose a black, female Starfleet officer, those who believe a 1,500 year old alien can not change gender, those who believe the leaders of the Rebellion should be white and male, those who believe that Muslims can only be villains, Loki can only be straight, Hercules can not be bi, and Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn should not kiss.

The heroes of the past would not stand for this attitude. These beliefs and ideas are those of the Empire, of the Daleks, of the Borg and the Cybermen. These are not the attitudes I grew up with and those who have them now are on the wrong side of history.

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