Remember, Remember the month of InkTober

The month of InkTober

For the first time I shall, this year, be taking up the challenge of the month of InkTober.  I’ve followed it for a while but never considered jumping aboard.  The basic idea is that every day, for the month of October, you draw something new and different.  Ideally an ink drawing.  Of course it’s not mandatory to draw something everyday, or in ink.  The idea is to focus your mind and creativity for a month.

I have customised the rules, for me, as follows:

Draw something in my sketch book every day.

Ink only, no pencil, no roughs, no colour.

Use the suggested list of ideas each day.

Photograph and post on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) everyday.

Occasionally make proper scans of the past few days and post them here.

I’m all ready to go and start today…

The month of InkTober

Wish me luck 🙂

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