RhiZome Updates!

As per my previous posting you’ll know that I have been a bit lax in letting you all know what’s been going on, especially where the RhiZome anthology is concerned.

I was lucky enough to be published in issue one and think  it’s a great project.  In fact the wonderful Broken Frontier website has recently published a great review, in their Small Pressganged section, which you can read here.  What’s great about this review is that Andy Oliver has completely understood what I was trying to achieve with my strip, and seemed to really like it.

RhiZome anthology
I’ve not been able to find the time to get something together for consideration in issue two, which will be released early next year.  There will be new strips and the continuation of Rob Jackson‘s Corporation Pop, along with an interview with Tony Husband and a Dave Huxley back cover.

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