Rock n Roll Future

Stagger Lee and the Duke of Earl

When I drive to work, and have music on, I think about ideas for work, concepts for marketing Rilmac.  On the way home, when I have music on, I have many other ideas.  Lots of ideas.  Sometimes they spring from the music.  I have a fantastic double CD called Rock n Roll Diner.  It struck me that so many of the songs where about characters.

This moved on, and progressed in my head.  A sci-fi twist sprung to mind, a kind of Mad Max come Jetsons future.  The characters seem to fit right in.  First up Johnny B Goode and (a cat called) Domino.

Johnny B Goode and Domino

The other drawing, so far (I have no doubt there will be more) was the first in this line.  Stagger Lee and the Duke Of Earl.  I’m looking forward to seeing where this is going.

Stagger Lee and the Duke of Earl

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