The Creative Stubble Monkey is me, Pete Batchelor, and this is my website. By day I am a professional Graphic Designer and Website designer with my own company, Gabriel Design. By night I am an amateur webcomics creator, cartoonist and writer. When do I ever find time to sleep? This website is to showcase and advertise my comics, cartoons, stories and reviews. I hope that you enjoy it, and them.

I also follow a fair amount of sport; rugby union, cricket, football and more, so don’t be surprised if I let off a rant or two on any of these subjects too. My wonderful wife and I have recently managed to gain a few Olympics 2012 tickets as well, so therefore I may find a little inspiration there as well.

As well as all that I also enjoy cooking, learning Spanish and practicing Tai Chi as well.

This is the Creative Stubble Monkey website and you’re welcome to it.