Stories & Writing

It may seem odd, but the return of Doctor Who to our screens in 2005 inspired me to try my hand at writing again for the first time in over 20 years. I wrote a couple of pieces based on the 9th Doctor for fun and then entered a Telos Publishing submissions opportunity to write a short story describing how travelling with the Doctor had changed the life of a companion, sadly I was not selected. Nor was my entry for the Big Finish short story submissions opportunity or the plot synopsis for a Doctor Who audio play. However I am undeterred and feel that my writing is getting pretty close and will keep on trying. I have also written a piece set in J K Rowling’s Harry Potter universe for my own pleasure too. Check out my ‘Fan Fiction’ here.

Keeping with the theme of Doctor Who I entered a character and costume to the BBC’s John Barrowman show, Tonight’s the Night, for a segment entitled Doctor Who Idol. I was lucky enough to be selected to go up to BBC Television centre and compete for an opportunity to see my creation in a specially written scene on TV. Sadly Professor Stoom didn’t quite make the grade but I did have a fabulous day out.

The nefarious Professor Stoom.
The nefarious Professor Stoom, steam powered cyborg!

As well as fiction I have turned my hand to writing the odd review and have seen some success having two pieces selected by the Independent newspaper, and one by the website of a local newspaper, The Southern Daily Echo. So far I have reviewed an episode of Doctor Who, the book of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and a Chinese restaurant.