Silliness & Satire

Donald Trump's Wallview Guesthouse on Graphical Content

It’s time for some more cartoon silliness.  And, as you may have guessed, a little satire.  First up I have something silly for you.

Again, it came from a car ride Janice & I were sharing and we got to talking about the foolish old joke, Wild Front Ear, which lead us to Pioneer.  Having lived in Wigan for seven years (Janice much longer) we are fully aware of the whole pie eater thing.  This of course lead to the following, which I hope you like…

Pie on Ear Radio, on Graphical Content


Thinking of foolish old jokes, that leads neatly on to the new president of the good ol’ US of A.  One of the key images of the nasty past of the British Isles are the vile “No Blacks, No Irish” signs in windows.  The more old Trump witters on the more he seems like a old seaside landlady.  Which lead very nicely to this…

Donald Trump's Wallview Guesthouse on Graphical Content

Hope you like my latest scribblings?

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