Spotted, er, Striped On The Shelves

Tiger Nuts Image Graphical Content

Stumbled across some fantastic packaging design the other day and wanted to share it with you on my blog.   Was surprised when I saw that it was for Walkers, not that they have particularly bad design work, just that this stood out on the shelf and caught the eye.


I think the use of the letting to make up the logo to, not only make up the illustrative effect of the eponymous tiger, but to become the image on the pack works really well.  The use of the stylised lettering to reflect the stripes of the tiger while allowing the design to blend in with the rest of the packaging, similar to the camouflage a real tiger has works well.  The brightness of the colour palette then draws the eye even with the design being initially ‘hidden’.

Nice design which made me stop and want to take a photo!

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