Spotted on the Shelves

It is easy to point fingers at failures and flag up the weaknesses of graphic design.  I have done it on this blog myself.  However, in my defence, this is in order to flag up useful tips and tricks for readers to improve their use and understanding of graphic design.  That said I don’t want to always be a naysayer so I will occasionally post articles about graphic design I have found, out and about, that I like.

Today’s article comes from a trip to our local Tesco in Greater Manchester.  I was drawn to the packaging designs for a range of Lindt chocolates and a selection of Get More Vitamins drinks.

Lindt Packaging

Lindt have positioned themselves in the market to be different from their competitors at Mars and Cadbury.  This doesn’t mean they shouldn’t sell easy to eat snack options of their products.  This ‘Hello My Name Is’ branding literally introduces the product to customers, makes it obvious as to what the flavours are, and looks different from the more traditional marketing associated with Lindt.  This is not an Easter Bunny or Christmas golden special, but still looks quality all the same.

Get More Vitamins Packaging

I don’t know Get More Vitamins as a company but these bottle/packaging designs really catch the eye.  The design is simple and stylish, easily introducing the flavours, and looks modern, clean and stylish.

I shall be keeping my eyes open for more great graphic design to share with you and look forward to hearing your views on the work I share.

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