Submit! Submit!

At the moment time is my enemy, not some kind of anthropomorphic being called ‘Time’, just not having enough of the stuff.  Today I have been tweaking a couple of story submissions for, well, re-submission to meet new criteria.  I hope that they will be liked but obviously y’never know. On the other side I have taken the decision that I simply don’t have the time to put together a submission for the next C’est Bon Kultur graphic anthology.  I think I have a great story idea, I can see it in my head and it meets their requirements.  Sadly though I just don’t have the time to draw it and do it justice.  There is nothing to say I can’t draw it up later for another use some time.  Its the problem being self employed I think, when life gets difficult and time gets eaten up there is a choice to be made between sorting ‘extra’ stuff for work or filling free time with fruitful creativity…

It is more important to me get my webcomics out on schedule, to keep the content updated and, right now, head into the final chapter of book one for Tales of the Sly Ditt Inn. That is where I shall be creative methinks.

Needs must when the Devil drives.

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