The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men Gang Aft Aglae

Graphical Content

So, you know the drill by now. I have a topping wheeze. I launch in to it. Everything stalls. I return to it and apologise for the stalling. I then press on for a while. Repeat as necessary.

I always have the best intentions and always they go astray. This is not astray as per Steinbeck. This is not life or death, or even hearth and home. Graphical Content is what I line to do in my free time. When thinking of what I’d like to do with this rare commodity I paraphrase Halo Jones. Rather than ‘Where did she go? Out. What did she do? Everything!’ its more ‘Where did he stay? In. And what did he do? Everything!’. And let’s face it everything is a lot when you come right down to it.

Like many people I feel that there are two distinct halves to me. There is my creative side, picking ideas from the air, coming up with mote ideas than I have opportunity. It’s what I draw on at work, it is core to my career and my life. It’s a key component in who I am. And then there is my stoic sides, the side that takes responsibility very seriously. This is the aide that makes sure the bills are paid, appointments are kept, food in on the table and my nearest and dearest are fed and looked after. There is no clash between the too. I need the first to work, to earn, to be myself, to like myself. And, quite simply I need the second. I cannot and will not fail in those priorities.

When my business Gabriel Design was stumbling, before the big fall, I battled and I fought. I fought to keep the lights on, I fought to keep my suppliers paid, I fought to look after my family, I fought to keep food on the table, I fought to keep my clients happy, and I fought to keep my business going. My priorities were clear, and were paramount.

Now, the earth has turned, time has passed, we have moved and we have a new beginning. I am the marketing manager of a good sized group of companies, Rilmac, based in Lincoln. We have a new house to rent. I have new responsibilities. I take my work seriously, I intend to be the best marketing manager possible. I will use all my skills, my 30 years experience, my creativity, my ideas, my hard work to be the best I can. This will be a key priority. Our new home has a lovely garden, and suits us down to the ground, and will therefore be another priority.

If these priorities mean I don’t have time to write my stories, create my comics, draw some cartoons, update my blog, or make some art, then so be it. I am too old and too grey to live the life I desired as a young man, the life of a devil may care bohemian in a world of art and creativity. It never suited me anyway, my sensible side is too strong. So I will update this website when I can, I will post new content to my Facebook page when I have a moment, I will create when I have a window and share it when I can find time. It might not be frequent, it might not be regular, it will be when it will be, despite all my best laid plans.

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