The Language of Branding

Stephen Fry Branding iPlayer BBC

We all know that branding, corporate identity, logos, trademarks and what-have-you have a language all if their own.  We also know that some brands become words in everyday use.  Do you hoover, or do you use a Hoover?  Its a good question.

Stephen Fry Branding iPlayer BBC

So, I was very pleased to hear the latest edition of Fry’s English Delight on the BBC iPlayer this morning.  In part it uses some of the ideas that I use in the explanation of the word ‘branding’ when dealing with clients.  It also makes you think about what a brand is all about.  Is it just a name?

Have a listen here (I don’t think there is a time limit on this BBC production) and see what you think.  It also gives an idea why my company website address is and not  Gabriel Design is who we are, being graphic designers in Manchester is what we do.  Enjoy.

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