Eagle eyed readers will have spotted that no new content has been added to Creative Stubble Monkey in over two months. Apologies for that. Work has been time consuming, private life has been challenging, getting stuff created has been exciting and time filling also.

Through all of this I have been planning an update to this very site that you behold now, with a fresh new look, some new content and more. Those plans are still afoot (Watson) and you will see something new soon.

Creative Stubble Monkey

In the meantime it appears that Drunk Duck, the hosting company on which I published my webcomics (including the on going Tales of the Sly Ditt Inn) are in supreme difficulties with nothing online for a week now. Looking at bringing my webcomics ‘in house’ and making them part of Creative Stubble Monkey. What do you think?

On the up side I have been published again in the RhiZome Anthology Issue One with a strip called The Post Apocalyptic Subterranean Wake Up Blues. You can read more on this soon, with links to buy it and everything. Just watch this space!

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