Typeface Tuesday – Comic Sans

Typeface Tuesday Comic Sans

I come not to praise Comic Sans, yet not to bury it too. Another Sans Serif typeface this was developed especially for the computer market back in 1995 and was an attempt to reflect the lettering used in comics; especially The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen.

Typeface Tuesday Comic Sans

It is not the best example of a hand lettered comic style. There are better choices for this kind of work, for example Comic Neue, Cartoonist or Dom Casual. In fact I have used the last of these for many years, even from the days before computers.

None of this means that Comic Sans is the worst font ever made. This epithet has been given it through the wonder of the internet. People who don’t know or use typefaces believe that Comic Sans is the work of the Devil, and this is unfair.

The issue with Comic Sans has far more to do with its misuse rather than the weak design. We have all seen official documents, legal papers and (arguably worse) police cars making inappropriate use of it. As with all fonts and all design it is the emotional feel of the finished piece that is important. Misusing a font, a colour, or a style is far more intrinsic to poor work than any one particular font.

Used appropriately and minimally it can be a suitable, convenient and affordable solution. Just in moderation. To read more, click here.

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