Typeface Tuesday – Gill Sans

Typeface Tuesday Gill Sans

I have decided to start this series of short introductions to various typefaces with Gill Sans. Why? It is one of my all time favourites and is the font I used when designing the Gabriel Design logo.

Typeface Tuesday Gill Sans

It is a neat, clean Sans Serif font that looks both classic and modern. Designed by noted sculptor and designer Eric Gill it is based on the Johnston face developed for use on the London Underground. Nearly 100 years old (it was developed in 1926) it doesn’t look dated and is still used frequently to this day (for example the Thorpe Park map last year). Previous users include the BBC, the Spanish Government and British Rail.

One area where it looks particularly nice in in the use of capital letters. The capital M being formed by a square with the descending point exactly in the centre for example. Obviously not everything is perfect and the extra bold and ultra versions of the font are far less elegant and useful.

I have been a fan of this beautifully designed face for pretty much all of my career which is why I’m launching Typeface Tuesdays with it. You can learn more here.

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