Typeface Tuesday – Goudy

Named for the designer who created the typeface in 1915 Goudy (or sometimes Goudy Old Style) is a beautifully crafted serif font.  Unlike many other serif faces, particularly of the same period, there are wonderful touches of almost calligraphic design.   For example the use of slightly rounded and convex diamond shapes to replace the full stop (and use in all the punctuation), or the lovely swirl for the tail on the capital Q.

Typeface Tuesday Goudy Old Style

Often used in publishing it is easy to read on the published page, with a sensitively designed italic and bold, neither of which seem forced and work smoothly with the main type.  Due to the age of the typeface, and the subtle hand lettered feel it is unlikely that this font would be suitable for modern or technical projects.  However if looking to invoke the feeling of nostalgia, comfort and reliability it proves to be very useful.

I have made good use of Goudy throughout my career, both pre and post computerisation.  Most successfully for financial consultants and solicitors.  The legibility and traditional style adding weight to these projects.  Unsurprisingly I have discovered that Goudy is the official typeface of numerous universities worldwide and is used by Whittard’s tea.

Definitely a high quality alternative to Times New Roman.

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