Typeface Tuesday – Impact

Typeface Tuesday Impact

If you are looking to make an impact, especially on the internet, you could do worse than Impact. Originally designed in the mid 60’s by Geoffrey Lee Impact was one of the last to be developed in old fashioned lead type. The concept is clear from the name and a quick glance at the font itself, to make an impact. Part of the design brief was ‘to get as much ink on the page as possible’.

Typeface Tuesday Impact

Impact achieves this with wide stroke widths and narrow apertures and counters. With the nature of the font being to bring a visual exclamation mark to any design it should only be used as a headline typeface as it simply doesn’t work as a body face. Big headlines to make a big point make the best use of Impact, especially with it’s taller lower case height.

There are a few similar typefaces out there which match up to the volume of Impact, including Haettenschweiler, Compacta, and Helvetica Inserat.

The area where Impact has been of most use in recent years is on numerous internet memes where it’s broad lines have been seen across innumerable social media images bringing a brief smile everywhere it goes.

(Although this post is going live on a Saturday we are still claiming it as a Gabriel Design #TypefaceTuesday)

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