Typeface Tuesday – Palatino

I thought, after the last Typeface Tuesday that it would be a good idea to discuss a Serif font for a change. It also seemed like a good idea for me to share another one of my favorite fonts, Palatino.


Originally designed in 1948 Palatino was developed as an old style Serif font. Named after an Italian calligrapher it is a little more stylish and graceful than many other, more blocky Serif faces. Like many of my favourite typefaces it has larger proportions and is easier to read, making it ideal for graphic design purposes.

Although regimented in design there is still a hand written feel to the letter types which add elegance, sophistication and authority. The italic version of the font reflects these aspects particularly well.

Perhaps surprisingly for a typeface designed to look old fashioned Palatino was one of the first to be digitised and used on computers, predating Verdana by around a decade.

If Palatino has a weakness it is the old fashioned nature of the font. This can sometimes give a dated look to a design which can then undermine the message that is being presented.

For more Palatino information click here.

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