Typeface Tuesday – The Basics & Statistics of Type Use

Typeface Tuesday Cartridge Discount

It’s not just me who would like more people to understand the basics of type and see better use across all media.  This article on the Design Taxi website displays a long, useful and clear infographic which offers some wonderful statistics and some basic understanding of how type works.


I’m not surprised that the bulk of the work covered hear uses very few fonts.  As I have already mentioned Helvetica is a universal (type pun intended) go to by many designers and users worldwide.  With Ariel as a straight alternative it is not surprising to find it mentioned in the same breath on this infographic either.

Typeface Tuesday Cartridge Discount

I am slightly surprised to see Georgia so prominent here.   It is a great a useful font, a serif which works well on screens, but still a bit of a shock to see it so commonly used.

The great thing about this infographic is that it is clear and avoid the lazy comic sans and times new roman bashing of other resources.  It shows clearly the best uses for the fonts it names, however, it is worth noting that there is a whole type filled world out there and it is great to stand out.  Pick your fonts because you like them, because they look great, because they are suitable, and because they tell your story.

I am aware that the graphic is very long and thin so this is the link to the full image, enjoy!


Infographic copyright Cartridge Discount (http://www.cartridgediscount.co.uk/)

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