Typeface Tuesday – Times New Roman

Are you looking to be thought of as ordinary, boring and unadventurous? Then, according to a number of recent articles and surveys Times New Roman is for you. Intrinsically there is nothing majorly wrong with this font, and that is part of the problem. A serif font, it is not as elegant as a Palatino or Garamond, and because it is available on pretty much every computer it has become over used, by quite some way.


Unsurprisingly the font was developed for The Times newspaper, way back in 1931 and is a traditional serif font designed to be slightly more compact and space saving than other, more elegant serif typefaces. Although The Times has moved on from using the font all new iterations have been based on the original style and it is still used frequently in book publishing due to its ease of reading.

One criticism of Times New Roman is that using it in a CV is akin to wearing sweatpants to an interview. This is slightly unfair as although Times maybe unadventurous and staid it is not stupid. It is more akin to turning up to an interview in your school uniform in the belief that, if it was smart enough for school it is smart enough for everything.

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