Venn You’re Doing It Wrong

Veen Diagram Graphic Design Tips

In the wonderful world of graphic design and marketing in which I inhabit there is a lot of bandwagon jumping.  See an idea which appears to work?  Appropriate and adapt for your business.  There is nothing wrong with this at all, its how trends and memes are formed.

However it is important to understand what it is you are looking it.  Misunderstanding can cause more problems than it solves when you try and use a new idea.  Venn diagrams have made quite an impact across social media over the past few years and are in the public consciousness, which has caused a small issue for Thomson Reuters international news and data group.

Veen Diagram Graphic Design Tips

Now, we don’t know that their design agency actually planned for this poster to a Venn Diagram.  They might have just been playing around with geometric shapes and liked the layout.  But, the public see a Venn Diagram and that caused big problems for the client on this occasion.  I’m sure that Thomson Reuters are better at trust, partnership, innovation and performance than this shows.  Maybe just not quite so good at thinking things through.


I am reminded of a previous post about checking things, don’t you agree?

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