What is ‘Graphical Content’?

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Whether we try and avoid it or reach out and embrace it we cannot deny that everyday we are bombarded by graphic design, corporate identity and branding. From the package of our favourite breakfast cereal or coffee, through the social media of our choice and news feed for the day, onto transport signage, company stationery, shop fronts, television idents, magazines, books and more. Even our clothing and furniture is driven by graphic design. Like it or not our lives are full of graphical content.

Graphical Content Logo

Which is why it is surprising that so many, mainly smaller, business and individuals seem to treat graphic design as second class, some kind of a hobby that can be done by a mate for free (or at the very most a few pints). Big business spends a great deal of attention in creating the look and presenting the right image. The very fact that they are big businesses kind of supports that this could well be a great idea for everyone else.

In this blog, Graphical Content, I will be putting forward my views on the latest in graphic design, sharing ideas and images that have caught my eye, offering tips and advice on how to achieve the best in branding and creativity for you. With over 27 years creative industry experience I hope that what I have to say will be interesting, useful, illuminating and sometimes humorous. So why not get your fix of graphic content here?

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