What’s All This ‘Ere Then

So, the big question is, what is all this Graphical Content about then? Well, way back when in days of yore I had a blog called Creative Stubble Monkey where I posted webcomics. After a while I added reviews and other writing before adding a Facebook page and a Twitter feed.

Meanwhile I was looking for support for my small business, Gabriel Design. On the advice of a business support programme I set up the original Graphical Content blog and social media to present me as an expert out of work as well as in. The idea being that this would help me market my business.
It was not as successful as I would have liked and as time progressed it became harder to focus on my business, and two blogs, so exactly a year ago I mothballed Graphical Content and Creative Stubble Monkey and launched Graphical Communicator merging the two together.

This year has been an absolute trial, virtually a disaster. Just one such upset was the mothballing and virtual folding of Gabriel Design. Fortunately I now have a new, good job and tomorrow we are picking up the keys to our new home. We are settled in Lincolnshire now and it is a time of new beginnings. So, as a new start I am closing the awkward Graphical Communicator online presence and I no longer feel like Creative Stubble Monkey any more. So I have reinvented Graphical Content as a place, and social media feeds, for my passions of cartoons, comics, art, photography, TV, books, movies, writing and stories, and graphic design. Just for me to share my stuff and stuff I like.

Welcome along, I hope you enjoy the ride!

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