Your Briefs Are Showing

Graphical Content Your Briefs Are Showing

One of the main reasons for starting this blog was to offer advice, hints and tips for business and individuals looking to make use of creative services companies like mine, Gabriel Design.  I believe that it is important for, particularly, small businesses to understand what it is they are buying, what they get for their investment and what they can expect.

Graphical Content Your Briefs Are Showing

I found this video which discusses the idea of a creative brief from the side of the creative industry, in particular some large scale creative companies.  It is a great watch and well worth the investment of 26 odd minutes of your time.

Briefly from Bassett & Partners on Vimeo.

One thing which really stands out for me is the line “I don’t believe in briefs, I believe in relationships”.  At Gabriel Design lately we just shared our company philosophy with the world and the second item is ‘We Listen’.  From the creative side of the equation this is vital.  If you are employing a graphic designer or a web developer you want your project to meet your needs and be something you can be proud of.  Many designers don’t listen and end up creating something for themselves rather than for the client.  If your design agency doesn’t listen discuss this with them urgently, it is important.

While I believe a good creative brief is important I also believe that a good relationship is more so.  Build a relationship with your graphic designer, share your goals and targets.  Share your enthusiasm.  This will inspire the creative spirit.  The designer could then possibly dream up something you wouldn’t have considered.  By tying a brief down too tightly, with too many of your own ideas and restrictions leaves the designer no where to go and gives them less room to create.  Instead discuss your aims and knock ideas around.  You have no idea where this might lead to and how much it might help.

You may not be Samsung, or the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, however, watch the video and see how exciting a designer / client relationship can be.

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